PODCASTS: Podcast Roundup

Podcast Roundup
Posted on April 3, 2018  in Blog, Podcasts, Recommended Resources
Every once in a while people ask us as pastors what’s worth listening to in the podcast realm. Here are some suggested resources to redeem the time on your next commute, exercise routine, chore schedule, or whatever else you might get up to where you can listen and do something else at the same time.
The Briefing
Dr. Albert Mohler, president of the Souther Baptist Seminary, tackles news headlines on a daily basis and evaluates them from a biblical worldview perspective. Not only are you able to keep up with current events, there’s solid analysis through a biblical lense. In this episode of the briefing there are two Globe and Mail articles addressed so Canadian news is featured as well.
Back to the Bible Canada
We’ll let Back to the Bible take the description on this one: Dr. John Neufeld is the daily bible teacher of Back to the Bible Canada. The mission of Back to the Bible Canada is to faithfully teach the word of God verse by verse in a culturally relevant way.
EICC Podcast for Cultural Reformation
We trust that our friends from the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity are not strangers to our congregation. We receive and distribute their Jubilee publication to our church family, we have hosted evenings with Dr. Joe Boot in the past, and some of us have attended events that they have run over the last several years. They have just recently begun a podcast with new episodes every other week. This first season is all about culture, beginning in Genesis 1, and is well worth listening to. The best place to start would be here.
White Horse Inn
Hosted by Michael Horton and often featuring guests and interviews, The White Horse Inn’s mission is to help Christians “know what they believe and why they believe it.” The last two episodes have focused on the atonement of Christ. If you’ve been hearing from us about penal subtsituationary atonement, especially as we’ve gone through John’s gospel, and want to learn more, jump in here.
Pastors’ Talk
The title of this may not sound applicable to anyone but your pastors/elders. That would be a mistaken conclusion. As Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman (and sometimes others) discuss ministry in the local church, there will be much to consider when it comes to being an functioning member of a local church. This is one of Pastor Sean and Caleb’s favourites.
The Mortification of Spin
Listen in on conversation between Carl Truman, Todd Pruitt, and Amy Byrd for theological discussion on various topics, with at times a sharp with. This one may fly in the face of the politeness of Canadian sensibilities, but you’ll be just fine. A self-described “casual conversation from the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals,” an alliance that is “a coalition of pastors, scholars, and churchmen who hold the historic creeds and confessions of the Reformed faith and who proclaim biblical doctrine in order to foster a Reformed awakening in today’s Church.”
There are many, many other resources worth checking out. If you strike out with these, let us know and we’ll suggest some more, like The Gospel Coalition, Renewing your Mind etc. Happy listening!

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