Safety First (Plan to Protect at HBC)

While communicating the gospel to children at HBC is our passion, ensuring the safety of the little ones in our care and those who serve them is our priority. With this in mind, here are a few things you should know about how we  “plan to protect” your children while they are in our care.
The “Green Lanyard Group”
All of our volunteers in HBC Kids will be wearing a green lanyard when they are serving your children. This green lanyard means that the volunteer is a member of HBC who has undergone specific training related to children’s ministry, has an up-to-date police check, and has been vetted by our leadership team. In addition to this, it includes their name and picture on it, so that you can get to know the people who are serving your kids!
Pagers for Parents
HBC Kids offers pagers for parents of children aged 0 - 4 years. Pagers are given out to parents at drop off for diaper and any other needs. Remember to keep it nearby so you can hear it buzz if you’re needed. 
"Safety in Numbers"
In keeping with the protection policies in place at HBC, each room can accommodate a certain ratio of children to leaders. Should the numbers exceed the recommended ratios, we will do our best to serve your children, but, sometimes it will mean that we are not able to receive your child that particular Sunday. For your information, here is the outline of the ratios in our safety policies.
Nursery(0 - 12 months)2:6
Mini Movers(13 - 18 months)2:8
Toddlers(19 months - 2 years-old)2:12
Preschool(3- & 4-year-olds)2:14
Jr Class(SK-Grade 2)2:16
Sr Class(Grade 3-5)2:18
Jr High(Grade 6-8) 2:14
Sr High(Grade 9-12)2:20
Overnight Youth Events2:10

Nursery (up to 12 months)

Our nursery is staffed so that you can leave your babies in the care of trustworthy volunteers.  There is a private area in our nursery for moms to nurse their babies.

Mini-movers (12 to 18 months)

We are delighted to let you know that we have opened up a new space for our mini-movers.  It is located just up the stairs from the foyer and down the end of the hall on the right.  The age range is flexible dependent upon the needs of your child.

Toddlers (18 months up to 3 years)

Our toddlers room is open is the HBC Kids area in our basement. When you go down to our basement from our foyer, it is on the left side of the hall just past our Multi-purpose Room.
In Toddlers we will be reading Bible stories and singing Bible songs. Short basic stories will be available to leaders each week for them to work through.  We also have a bathroom in Toddlers available for the kids who are in training. If for some reason the Toddler room is at capacity, you may be directed to the Mini Movers (room upstairs) or the Preschool room (across the hall) depending on your child’s age.

Preschool (3 to 4 years)

In Preschool we work on building the basic foundations of the Bible through songs and stories. Even though our Preschool age range in small, we are bursting at the seams and it’s amazing! When our room is at capacity, children will be directed to either our Toddler room or the Jr. Class, depending on their ages. We do ask that you take the time to get the children to use the bathroom before dropping them off, as we don’t have a facility in the Preschool room and making bathroom trips can be tricky.

JR & SR Church (SK - Grade 5)

HBC Kids is a safe, fun, kid-friendly environment where SK-Grade 5 children encounter God’s Word. Children will be signed into HBC Kids by their parents or care givers at their classrooms where they will be welcomed by our trained HBC Kids Volunteers. Children will be encouraged to participate in a variety of songs, activities, and bible lessons focusing on building a strong foundation upon Christ.

Don't Forget Your Bible!
Parents, we're asking you to help encourage your children to bring their Bibles to Jr & Sr Church. By providing opportunity for kids to be physically in the Word, we will equip them to study, understand and love God's Word better.