Meaningful Membership

At our church we believe, desire, teach, and expect baptized believers to belong to a local church.  
We demonstrate this conviction through the practice of church membership.  

In membership, the church publicly covenants with individuals and individuals with the church.
We believe membership ought to be meaningful and see it fleshed out in the following 4 ways:
We will affirm you in the gospel
We will oversee you in the gospel
We will engage you in the work of the gospel
We will guard you and the gospel

Benefits of Meaningful Membership

Why become a member?  If membership in the local church is truly meaningful, it is mutually beneficial:

For elders: Meaningful membership provides a clear picture of who they are to watch over as those who will give an account to God.

For the congregation: Meaningful membership provides a clear, public picture of who is committed to the local church and who the local church is
committed to.

For you: Meaningful membership commits you, commits others to you, provides you with the spiritual protection of elders, and provides you with the comfort of knowing that a whole group of people would rather remove you from membership than tolerate unrepentant sin!  Given the deceitfulness of sin, this is an encouraging reality!

For the watching world: “Meaningful membership is important because it is the only way for a church to corporately tell the truth about God and the gospel (9Marks).”

The only satisfying explanation for why we live this way and how we are able to live this way is that the transforming power of the gospel is real.
Jesus Christ:
  • came to earth
  • died on a cross
  • saved us from God’s wrath
  • rose from the dead
  • ascended into heaven
  • will one day return.

Membership Covenant Highlights

As a member of HBC, we will expect you to:
  • demonstrate Christian love in all your relationships and strive to lead a godly life
  • assemble regularly with the church at worship and prayer
  • respect and submit to the spiritual authorities of our church
  • contribute to support our ministries
  • pray for and help the family of God at Hespeler Baptist Church

As a member of Hespeler Baptist Church, you can expect us to:
  • be your friends and family
  • encourage you and to assist you in times of sickness and distress
  • pray for you, love you and support you
  • grow with you in our faith and knowledge of Christ
  • be ready at His second coming as servants well pleasing to Him