CONFERENCES: Back to School – Part II

Back to School – Part II
Posted on March 1, 2016  in Blog, Conferences, Sanctification

Next week is the second instalment of the Graduate Certificate of Church Health and Evangelism at Heritage. You can learn more about the program here. 
The second course in the certificate is titled “Redefining and Refocusing Leadership” and will be taught by Dr. Tim Laniak and Dr. Rick Reed. Dr. Laniak is Dean, Professor of Old Testament, and Mentor for the Christian Leadership Doctor of Ministry at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. Hopefully you recognize Dr. Reed’s name as the president of Heritage College and Seminary.
The course description is as follows:
While the adage “Everything rises and falls on leadership” exaggerates to make a point, it does make a point. The Redefining and Refocusing Leadership course will focus on the kind of leaders and leadership needed to see a local church flourish in spiritual vibrancy and gospel impact. Drawing on the rich biblical imagery of shepherding and the instructions to leaders in the Pastoral Epistles, we will develop a profile of a godly pastoral leader.
On Thursday, this course is being rolled into the Ministry Leader’s Day at Heritage where Dr. Laniak will lecture on Shepherding Leadership. Check out the short video below for a flavour of what he’ll be driving us towards.

On Friday, along with staff and lay leaders from 6 other churches, Dr. Reed will teach on the profile of a godly pastor, growing as a leader, and establishing personal and pastoral priorities.
On Saturday morning the class will be split into two groups. One group will focus on leading through preaching, and the second will focus on leading as members of an elders board. In the afternoon the topic is leading on mission.
Caleb, Colin, Jonathan and I will be attending the leadership day on Thursday, and as lay elders, Colin and Jonathan will be attending the classes on Friday and Saturday with me as well. We would covet your prayers as we spend this time together in the Word!
Since I’m taking these courses for credit, I want to give you a sense of the practical, ministry based assignments that will follow:
Personal Leadership Audit: I’ll be evaluating areas of strength and weakness and from this developing a personal growth plan to be shared with the elders for use throughout the remainder of the entire certificate.
Priority Planning: This will force me to complete planning sessions to map out a coming week, with journal reflections on how those priorities were lived out in light of the unexpected challenges of life and ministry.
Reading Reflection: There are four texts for the course, Redefining Leadership, Preparing Expository Sermons, While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks, and Leadership Prayers. After reading them I’ll write a paper highlighting lessons learned and what will be incorporated into the leadership audit.
Sermon Strengthening: I’ll be submitting two videos of sermons to be evaluated by Heritage preaching professors.
Community Gospel Engagement: The goal of this assignment is to develop relationships and initiate contacts that lead towards gospel opportunities by scheduling at least two hours a week to engage with lost people in our community. A weekly journal reflection on these interactions will be submitted in May.
We hope you’re a excited as we are, and do invite you to join us in asking the Lord to grow us as leaders for the benefit of our church!

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